Mindfulness Programs Are Proven To Create Stronger Organizations


A mindfulness and meditation program can transform your company and culture. With greater focus, creativity and happiness, your team will learn new ways to reach their full potential, become more engaged at work and lead more effectively. We work with teams, leaders, and executives to:

Reduce Stress and Boost Performance
  • Meditation helps to decrease anxiety, thereby boosting resilience and performance under stress
Improve Emotional Intelligence and Relationships
  • Meditation helps boost your mood, increase your sense of connection to others, and makes you a kinder and more compassionate person
  • Brain-imaging research shows that meditation can help strengthen the ability to regulate your emotions
Increase Focus, Productivity and Creativity
  • Meditation can help curb our tendency for distraction, strengthen our ability to stay focused and improve our memory
  • Research on creativity proves that we have our greatest insights and biggest breakthroughs when we are in a more meditative and relaxed state of mind

Mindfulness programs are offered at many leading companies, including:



More than 25% of Aetna Insurance’s 50,000 employees have participated in at least one mindfulness and meditation class. 

Employees who participated, reported on average:
• 28% reduction in stress
• 20% improvement in sleep quality
• 19% reduction in pain
Aetna estimates that since instituting its mindfulness program it has saved $2,000 per employee in healthcare costs, and gained $3,000 per employee in productivity.


Mindful in the City Programs for Teams, Leaders, and Executives



Introduction Session

  • Interactive session to review the basics of meditation and its benefits in the workplace
  • Participants learn basic meditation and stress-reduction techniques
  • Excellent way to gauge employee interest prior to committing to workshop or ongoing classes

Mindfulness & Meditation Workshop

  • Weekly sessions for 4-6 weeks
  • Structured program with proven and measurable results
  • Participants learn new mindfulness, meditation and stress-reduction techniques and how they can help them excel at work and in their personal lives
  • Added bonuses: hand-outs, online guided meditations, unlimited email correspondence for all participants during workshop period


Team-Building Session

  • Interactive session to learn various techniques to reduce stress and anxiety within a team’s unique structure
  • Opportunity to enhance relationships with teammates and learn how to work more productively together
  • Fun and engaging session for team to recharge and return feeling inspired
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Mindfulness helps clarity of vision. In the workplace it gives our employees the time and headspace to unwind in the midst of their busy days. If people feel refreshed, and can take part in something like this with a group of like-minded people, then who knows what innovation this might lead to?
— Google Company Spokesperson, The Financial Times